Brilliant at Breakfast - Ferris Wheel (Lirik)

Brilliant at Breakfast - Ferris Wheel (Lirik)

Had a dirty dream, I’ll give you a clue 
It’s me and someone not unlike you 
We went to the fair and buried our memories there 
I don’t believe it’s true 

Tumbling up and down 
Turn, see them on the ground 
Running, falling in the dark 
Old Father Time left them alone 
He’s winking at the sky 
How would you like him to pass you by 
Before he’s knocking at your door 

Had a dirty dream, I’ll give you a clue 
It’s me and someone just like you 
We gamboled past the gates cause no one’s there 

We’ll go away, we’re going up 
We won’t go back unless it stops 
In midst of pop songs, faiths and politics gone wrong 
Who will believe it’s true – but you? 

Tumbling down and upwards 
Blink at the lights around us 
Flicker, flutter, will it die down? 
Blazing, burning out, and gone 

Even if you try 
How much you wish it won’t pass you by 
Cotton candy spinning round 
The sugar high still ain’t worn down by four 
When time’s knocking at your door

 Brilliant at Breakfast merupakan band indiepop yang bermukim di kota jogjakarta. Lagu berjudul "Ferris Wheel" berasal dari album split mereka dengan band jepang bernama The Natsuyasumi Band. Silakan beli rilisan fisiknya atau versi digital via Bandcamp.

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