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Brilliant at Breakfast - If Monday'd Never Come (Lyrics)

Brilliant at Breakfast - If Monday'd Never Come (Lyrics)

Live on coffee, hail the sun 
Down we swim with our t-shirts on 
Friendship, round trips 
Madly, holding on dearly 

But our days are numbered, they won't last 
Goodbye good times, hello real world 
Could I afford to swing along to this song? 
Ain't gonna whine like a dog, I'll sing it instead 
Cause life is like that 

Well I know I must wake up in the morning 
I must work to earn my living 
But looking skyward Sunday evening 
Find myself wistfully wishing 
If only Monday'd never come 

Keep my mind and limbs from breaking down 
What doesn't kill you's going to make you stronger 
And though I cry, though I try, I still gotta go 
So life is short, could I skip to the aftershow, no? 
It's a long way to go 

If only God ain't in Heaven 
And weren't on eternal vacation 
He'd sing with me: 
"Monday baby please don't come!"

Brilliant at Breakfast merupakan band indiepop yang berasal dari kota jogja. Lagu berjudul "If Monday'd Never Come" berasal dari album mereka "Being Verbose Is Easy, Being Verbose Ain't Easy". Silakan support mereka dengan mmembeli rilisan fisiknya!

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