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FOREVER / ALWAYS - Ocean of Motion (Lirik)

Right, what i've learned from my mistakes 
Is to hold un-intangible blithe 
let me make it clear to you right 

Right! What they’ve done to my past tense 
Lurks behind those irrelevant minds 
Lies lies lies they’re missing life 
Standing behind those irrelevant eyes 
Eyes, ice, dice, strikes 
Tequilla shots with their tablecloth mites 

How can i get back to reality when 
Everything i need dissapoint me since 
I walk the earth, for too long 
Making mistakes as i walk along 

These chest’s a freeway to every soul that has deprived from the disposal of time 
These chest need a line of a positive mind and needs to be inserted in that brain cortex of yours 

We live in an ocean of motion 

We ride to shore 
Without wanting more 

Tonight is the night that i finally win free perceptions of my abstractions and everything that i should’ve done 
We found our selfs drifted in being yen from the yin 
Oh it's depressing, sitting here listening 
Those people combining the wrong path of a path that your thumbs diligently scrolling 
We should live life to the fullest 
Dodging our psyche from the bullet 
Bide our ties to abiding binding joy and neglect 
I disrespect those who demand to be respected 

She don't need me anymore 
Now my heart it turns to stone

FOREVER / ALWAYS merupakan band skramz/post-hardcore yang berasal dari kota jakarta. Lagu "Ocean of motion" berasal dari album mereka "Paradise Lost EP". Silakan dapatkan rilisannya di toko musik terdekat!

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