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Symphony of Silence - My Last Rose (Lirik)

When the sky so black.. My eyes can’t see your face..
Since I see.. You with somebody else..
I feel emptiness..
This is their decision.. And you’ve decided to me..
That you say..
This rose will broke with me.. And I can’t change it..
I can’t fix it..

Coz I know.. These things isn’t in your head..
And I know.. I’ll never in your side again.. For second time..!
So lonely.. I feel so lonely..
I hate to go.. Without you..

And I’m so lonely.. I feel so lonely..
Will never in my side again..
My Last Roses.. Will burning with me..

And it’s over.. When I am standing here..
All alone..
The day will going broke with me.. I’m gonna fade away..
When you disappear..

Symphony of Silence merupakan band melodic/metalcore yang berasal dari kota denpasar,Bali. Lagu berjudul "My last rose" berasal dari lagu demo awal mereka.

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