The Silent Love - The Girl From Ciputat (Lirik)

The Silent Love - The Girl From Ciputat (Lirik)

you driving your own car 
under the blue stars 
you love to watching movies 
audrey hepburn movies 

you listening to the cure 
all cats are grey 
but pink your favourite colour 
you wear dress in the summer 


you're the girl from ciputat 
you're the kind of girl that i like 

you teaching children art class 
from monday to friday 
you like to painting colours 
all my favourite colours 

you waiting for someone 
someone that will never come 
and ill be there for you 
as long as i need to

The Silent Love merupakan projekan indiepop dari kota jakarta. Lagu berjudul "The girl from ciputat" merupakan lagu yang berasal dari album "Rainy season". Silakan unduh di Bandcamp.

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